11 Naturally Stunning Hollywood Celebrities

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Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. As soon as we saw her in Desperate Housewives, we were obsessed by her beauty. But this 40-year-old actress is sometimes tired of spending hours in front of a mirror and getting her makeup and hair done, so she decided to give herself a break whenever possible.

Longoria has Mexican roots, which definitely contributes to her beauty. With her stunning caramel skin and dark-brown eyes, she doesn’t have to put much effort to look great. She even did a makeup-free photo shoot for People magazine, where she stated that it’s “refreshing” when she gets to let herself be natural. One of her most amazing assets is her hair, but she just jokingly says that it’s gorgeous because she’s Mexican.


The world can’t get enough of Game of Thrones and one of the reasons is the incredibly beautiful Emilia Clarke who plays Khaleesi on the show. While on the show, she has long, blonde hair, in real life, Emilia Clarke adores her chestnut brown locks.

A few years back, Clarke received only praise when she posted a makeup-free photo of her on Facebook. We couldn’t believe she could be so beautiful without a spot of makeup. But it’s her big green eyes and full lips that make her so uniquely pretty. Sharing her beauty secrets, she said that she values “less is more” rule and that’s she’s always ready in five minutes. With such face, it’s easy to see how this works for her.

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