The One Travel Hack That Will Make Your Life Easier, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Travel is great, but it can also be a challenge. Some personalities are better equipped than others to handle the ups and downs of an unpredictable globetrotting adventure, and even those of us who are naturally flexible and able to go with the flow can use all the help they can get when living out of a suitcase or trying to plan the perfect journey. Thankfully, life in 2018 is full of hacks and shortcuts, and there is one travel hack that will make your life easier, based on your zodiac sign. Hacks — already designed to make life easier — are all the more effective when they cater specifically to your personality!

Thanks to some guidance from AstroStyle and a little pretend trip planning on my part, I’ve matched each sign to the hack that I think will best optimize travel, either in the planning stages or while a trip is actually underway. I, for one, know that I’d be much more likely to hit all the places on my travel bucket list if I have a few more hacks ready in my back pocket, and I hope these suggestions can inspire all of us to get past the part of travel that feels so intimidating, pack our bags, and just go!

1. Aries

With your high travel energy, Aries, it’s probably best to keep your hands free, so why not bring a fanny pack along for the ride? With all of your necessities quite literally strapped to your body, you’ll be able to follow every last spontaneous whim on your trip without the stress of maybe leaving a bag behind

2. Taurus

You tend to like things your way, Taurus, so check out SeatGuru before you finalize your next trip to make sure that your seat on the plane will be just the way you want it. Use the site to find out if you’re close to a bathroom or power outlets, and whether or not you’ll be able to recline. One thing SeatGuru can’t guarantee against? Annoying neighbors.

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