The One Travel Hack That Will Make Your Life Easier, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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3. Gemini

Have you ever considered a stopover, Gemini? A stopover is different than a standard airport layover because it actually gives you an opportunity to explore an additional location as part of your travel itinerary — and since variety really is the spice of life for your sign, I think you’d be really into it. According to Travel + Leisure, several airlines offer free stopover programs, the best known of which is Icelandair. Check it out before you book!

4. Cancer

You’ve arrived in your destination and you want to see everything — galleries, museums, architectural landmarks… the works! Find out before this happens and prior to getting totally overwhelmed if the city you’re visiting offers a city pass. Lots of major cities — particularly in Europe — sell these passes, which cost money upfront but will save you on admission for each individual attraction.

5. Leo

According to VeryWell, exercise is a great way to reduce the symptoms of jet lag, so if you’re feeling off your game after a long flight, lace up your running shoes and get out there. You’ll be ready to jump back into your vacation without missing a beat.

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