These 13 Ironclad Rules Must Be Observed by All Parents for the Safety of Their Children

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We never believe that something bad can happen to us or our children, and we often don’t take simple precautions against such situations. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff will tell you how to prevent dangerous situations in the city and on vacation.

1. Teach your child to call you when they go outside and come to an appointed place.

Make it a family habit to call each other when leaving school, work, or home and when arriving at an appointed place. If the children see that even the adults do the same, they will see these calls not as a method of control but as the normal caring of family members for each other. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Unconditionally believe your child if they tell you about a strange or suspicious situation.

If your child tells you something that sounds suspicious, even if it concerns your family friends, teachers, etc, trust their words. Be sure to find out all the circumstances of the situationbecause kidnappers and rapists are often people the child knows.

If your child calls you and asks you to pick them up, do it. Perhaps the child can’t tell you about their suspicions and doubts over the phone.

3. Write down the phone numbers of your child’s friends, teachers, and classmates, as well as rescue services and volunteer organizations.

If your child didn’t come at the appointed time, text and call your relatives and the child’s friends, classmates, and teachers. When your child is missing, every minute is precious, so it’s important to immediately contact those who could see where and with whom the child went. Also, keep current emergency and search and rescue organizations’ phone numbers.

  • In the USA, 911 is the universal emergency telephone number.

After your child has been found, don’t forget to tell everyone that everything is okay.

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