These 13 Ironclad Rules Must Be Observed by All Parents for the Safety of Their Children

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4. Before going to a crowded event, take a full-body shot of your child.

If your child goes missing, describing them and their clothes will be more difficult than showing their picture to those who could see your child and sending it to people involved in search and rescue efforts.

5. If your child is missing and doesn’t answer calls, start looking for them immediately.

Whatever the reason may be for your child going missing, it’s necessary to start searching for them immediately. In the worst case scenario, time will be the factor working against you.

6. Train your child to act properly in a difficult situation.

In an emergency, your child may become confused, even if they theoretically know what to do. Get ready in advance. Regularly repeat with them their address and parents’ phone numbers. Play out different situations: what to do if your child is lost in a store, can’t find their parents on public transport, or if a stranger tries to take your child away, offers them sweets, or asks for help. At a deserted place, practice shouting and calling for help together.

7. Take photos of your children’s shoe soles.

If you go to the forest to pick mushrooms or to the park for a picnic, it could be useful to take photos of your children’s shoe soles. If your child gets lost, the shoeprints will help with search and rescue efforts. Don’t let your child wear camouflage clothing — it should be bright.

8. Agree on where to meet if you get separated.

If you go to a crowded place (a concert, a mall, a park), always agree on where you’ll meet if you get separated, even if you have a cell phone with you (it may get discharged, lost, etc). It’s better to choose a place that can be spotted from afar: a fountain, the main entrance, and so on.

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