These 13 Ironclad Rules Must Be Observed by All Parents for the Safety of Their Children

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9. Do not ban your child from using social media.

Banning your child from using social media will only increase their curiosity. Most likely, your child will just use fake pages and false names. Instead, let your child have their own account: you’ll be able to see what they are interested in and who they are friends with.

Teach your child the rules of internet security: how to respond to online advertising, cyberbullying, scam messages, and suspicious adults’ attempts to get to know them.

You can also install a parental control program that blocks dangerous websites and shows what Web resources your child is using.

10. Use gadgets.

Install an app (for example, Family Locator) on your child’s phone that will track their coordinates and can give an SOS alert signal. If your child has a push-button phone without internet access, connect to the mobile operator’s service that lets you know the owner’s coordinates.

You can buy a separate GPS tracker in the form of a bracelet or watch that tracks the location of your child.

11. Put a card with your contact details in the inside pocket of your children’s clothing.

Write down your phone numbers as well as your friends’ and relatives’ on a piece of paper in case you can’t be reached, together with medical allergies if your child has them. Let your child always keep this piece of paper in their inside pocket.

12. Do not scold your child if they were lost and then found.

When your child is lost, it makes things worse when they are afraid that you will be angry with them for it. Therefore, your child can forget how to act in this situation. When talking with your child about safety rules, be sure to emphasize that you won’t ever scold them.

If your child was lost and then found, comfort them, hug them, look your child in the eyes, and breathe with them. When they calm down, discuss everything together: why this happened and what should be done to prevent this from happening again.

13. Arrange a child safety lesson in your child’s group or class.

An experiment found that 7 out of 9 children would follow a stranger out of the playground while their parent was distracted.

You can arrange a lecture or training in your child’s group or class concerning how to avoid a dangerous situation and how to act if it did happen.

No one wants to bring up an anxious child who is afraid of their own shadow. Don’t scare your son or daughter, but be consistent in teaching them safety rules because there is nothing more precious than your loved ones’ life and health.

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