These Celebrities Eat Really Weird Things To Maintain Their Physique

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Celebrities are just like us, except for the swarm of paparazzi trailing their every move. Still, most of us might be concerned about losing that microscopic inch of fat off our waists if we saw headlines like “So-And-So 6-Months Pregnant With First Child” constantly. Especially if that “first child” was just a bloated belly from a cheat meal the day before. Here’s what some of your favorite celebrities do (and don’t) eat to keep their figures out of the gossip rags.

Release The Toxins

Beyonce lost 20 pounds for her part in Dreamgirls just by doing the “master cleanse,” a diet that involves drinking only lemonade made out of cayenne pepper, lemons, and grade-B maple syrup. Then every morning she would drink salt water to rid the body of, er, toxins. Only the Queen B could pull this one off.

The GOOP Diet

If you were confused about Gwyneth Paltrow’s “alternative” lifestyle diet, you certainly would not be alone. The inception of her brand GOOP in 2008 has given us a peek into her food choices and diet, which puts a lot of emphasis on fish. What’s missing? Bread, sugar, and dairy just to name a few.

The Air Diet

As weird as the GOOP diet may be, there are some celebrities who eat, well… nothing. “Material Girl” singer Madonna goes through all the motions of eating: plating the food, sticking it under her nostrils, and sniffing it. But that’s where the fun stops. The only food she will eat, according to, is a soup-like concoction of water and salt. Yum.

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