These Celebrities Risked It All To Go Back To School

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4. Elisabeth Shue

She tangled with the likes of Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid, Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. This girl-next-door began her academic career at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, transferring to Harvard, but leaving just before graduation in order to act.

But having been honored recently with an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, in 1997 Elisabeth decided enough was enough, and it was high time to complete the cycle. She graduated in 2000 from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

5. Brooke Shields

A child model and actress, Brooke Shields traded in the pleasures of The Blue Lagoon for a Princeton dormitory. Her transition was hard at first, as in Brooke’s own words, “It was difficult for me because I didn’t know anyone, and everyone knew me.”

Plagued by paparazzi, she nonetheless persevered. Majoring in romance languages with an emphasis in French, she drew from her personal experience for her thesis and wrote about her past director Louis Malle.

Who else graduated with honors? Read on and find out!

6. Jennifer Connelly

She’d appeared in Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America, and had to deal with David Bowie and a motley crew of muppets in Labyrinth. But before accelerating onward to even greater fame — and an Oscar — she cracked open the textbooks.

Jennifer Connely managed to diversify her learning process at esteemed institutions, studying English at Yale before transferring to the West Coast to focus in drama at Stanford. Continue reading to discover other top celebrities and their achievements in the world of education.

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