These Celebrities Risked It All To Go Back To School

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7. Eva Longoria

Even before the series that made her a household name came to an end, Desperate Housewives lead Eva Longoria knew it was important to keep stimulating her brain. But she wasn’t coming back to school to finish a degree — this actress wanted to add to her portfolio.

Possessing a degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Longoria began a three-year process of study at California State University, Northridge. For her master’s in Chicano Studies, Longoria wrote a thesis on the importance of visibility and involvement of Latinas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

8. Steven Spielberg

In 2002, a bespectacled, grey-haired man ascended the stage to accept his diploma, 34 years after dropping out. That man was none other than one of the most celebrated directors of all time, Steven Spielberg, and he had just one unfulfilled credit preventing him from graduating.

He submitted his term paper, and finally became eligible to graduate California State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in Film and Electronic Arts. Despite having already won three Oscars, myriad other awards, and even honorary degrees, it was important to Spielberg to finish what he had started.

9. Oprah Winfrey

By the time she was a sophomore at Tennessee State University, Oprah was already forging her path into the world of television as a news anchor. She left one credit shy of graduating, and continued her journey to success, despite her father’s urging that she go back to school.

Fast forward to 1986. Oprah had founded her own company and headed her own nationally syndicated show, on her way to becoming the influential mogul we know today. Invited to speak at TSU commencement, she decided it was only proper to complete her degree in Mass Communication there first.

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