These Five Dead Car Models Could Be Back by 2020

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The original Chevy Blazer was a direct competitor to the Bronco. A new Blazer may be in the works, but it’ll be different.

2. Chevrolet Blazer

General Motors has room between the compact Chevrolet Equinox and the bigger Traverse for a midsize crossover SUV, something about the size of Ford’s Edge. Word is, it’s coming soon and it could wear the classic Chevrolet Blazer nameplate.

The original Blazer was similar to Ford’s Bronco, a two-door four-wheel-drive beast aimed at Jeep. Don’t expect the new one to be quite the same. The new Chevy Blazer will probably be more of a civilized family hauler. Enthusiasts might be disappointed, but sales could be brisk.

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