Too Busy? 3 Easy Ways to Make Time for Creativity

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If finding time for creativity is a challenge, you’re not alone!

We all dream of the perfect work life balance, and although I think that’s a myth (this is life, right?!) there are a few things you can do to bring more creative energy into your day.

Catch Your Time Thieves

What? Who are these sneaky time thieves??

They’re all the things you do that don’t serve any purpose and take up *waaay* more time that you think they do.

I don’t mean relaxation or chatting with your other half, kids (or pets, we all do it); that’s valuable time that makes life sweet.

I do mean constantly checking social media, emails that you’ve no intention of replying to there and then, or doing the same adulting tasks regularly when you could batch them (like popping into the supermarket on your way home most evenings).

You don’t know where they are until you catch them, so for just one week, keep a record of how you spend your time.

Download a time tracker (we’ve one that we’ll send to you as part of our free ‘Time for Creativity’ series – see the banner below) then fill it in for a full week. It might seem a bit tedious but it’s just for a week and you will learn so much.

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