Top 10 Scariest Vintage Cars – to Repair and Maintain

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2. Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 isn’t an unreliable car so much as it’s an unfortunate victim of economics. The 928 was frightfully expensive when new and cost nearly 10 times the price of a contemporary compact car. It had an advanced, all-aluminum V8, passive rear-wheel steering and a fusebox the size of a bread loaf wedged in the passenger footwell. The problem is that despite costing more than a 911 when new, values for ratty examples remain low while classic 911 prices are simply stratospheric. It might seem like a deal, but most $5,000 928s are on their second or third neglectful owner and the deferred maintenance items can really pile up. Cabin electrics are usually less than reliable and finding parts for a 928 can be nearly impossible. And when you dofind parts for them, prices can be terrifying. Take this $600 gauge cluster, for example. Buy a sorted one or don’t buy one at all.

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