Top 10 Ways Racism Affects White People

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Racism is bad. If you are a racist, then probably you suck as a person. There, we said it. Call us radicals, but discriminating against people based on their race is just plain wrong. Even when the victim is white.

It might seem like an obvious thing to state, but so-called reverse racism doesn’t exist. It’s just racism. When people claim that you cannot be racist to a white person, this is a product of ideology, not reality.

When it is claimed that racism is in fact power plus privilege, what is being pushed is a fundamentally Marxist agenda. Based on the critical theory that underpins intersectionality, critical race theory has been utilised by ideologues and “social justice warriors” to reframe discussions about race to suit their agenda.

While racism is abhorrent and is rightly eschewed by decent people, the answer to problems of racism in society is not to enact racism against a group, and then deny that this group can even experience racism. Here are ten examples of what racism against white people looks like.

10. Artist Commits ‘Genocide’ Through The Medium Of Paint

Earlier this month, Canadian artist Amanda PL was due to exhibit her paintings, inspired by the works of aboriginal artists and a result of her many years studying the indigenous cultures of Canada. The gallery caved to pressure and canceled the event. One of the people annoyed was Chippewa artist Jay Sproule, who said, “What she’s doing is cultural genocide because she’s taking [a native man’s] stories and retelling them, which bastardizes it down the road. Other people will see her work and they’ll lose the connection between the real stories that are attached to it.” This argument, already dubious, becomes outright hypocritical when you learn that Sproule himself makes art out of other people’s culture, such as works incorporating movie posters like The Bride of Frankensioux and Bride of Dracula.

In reality, neither artist should be forbidden from being influenced by each other’s heritage. As PL said, “I think it’s a shame to say that an artist can’t create something because they’re not from that race. That’s like saying any other culture can’t touch something like abstract art unless you’re white, or you can’t touch cubism art.”

Without cultural exchange, Basquiat would never have given us Untitled (History of the Black People), which was directly influenced by Renaissance-era triptychs and the German neo-expressionist school. Our ability to learn and appreciate one another’s culture shouldn’t be restricted by ideologues. Artistic greatness abhors an intellectual vacuum. Racism adores one.

9. The Baffling Messages Of Black Lives Matter

Can you answer this simple ‘yes or no’ question? Try it. Here goes. Have you stopped beating your wife? This is a trick question of course; both answers make you a wife-beater. In the same manner over the past few years, we have seen a similar conversation around police shootings and race relations in the USA and even farther afield. “Do Black Lives Matter to you?” is just as much a trick question as “have you stopped beating your wife.”

In fact despite the evidence that shows that black people in the United States are actually killed by police at a lower rate than should be expected. Why? Because in violent/aggressive crimes, blacks commit them at a rate many times higher than their representative population, while whites tend to commit them at a rate markedly lower than their representative population. Now, we’re not suggesting this situation arises because black people are black. That’s a stupid and racist position. There are cultural and economic factors at play, but the data is indisputable.

What is Black Lives Matter’s response? To ban white people from meetings entirely. We can all agree that when people die without justification at the hands of police, it’s a tragedy. To BLM, it’s a symptom of “virulent anti-Black racism in the country.” Reading the aims of BLM is to read the aims of a racial conspiracy cult, with bold claims about black genocide and mixes in intersectional feminist jargon with loose words about illegal immigration, prostitution during war time and ‘state violence’. It’s unsurprising to hear rhetoric like this from the disciples of a cop-killing terrorist who is in exile in Cuba.

What is surprising is that not only is (BLM founder) Alex Garza unchallenged when she says “hetero-patriarchy and anti-Black racism is real and felt. It’s killing us and it’s killing our potential to build power for transformative social change” but no evidence is ever required to back any of these extraordinary claims.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, BLM lays the responsibility for all the ills of black people at the feet of whites. This is racist.

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