11 simple but brilliant tricks to make your home sparkle

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For many of us, cleaning is the most boring task and the worst punishment in the world. Let’s be honest — many of us begin doing the housework only at that moment when we realize there’s no single clean spot left in the whole house, each room looking like a battlefield covered in dirt. But we have good news for you! Cleaning can be a quick and simple process if you know even just a few basic hacks. cool stuff, cool stuff

We at justkooki.com collected 11 new, awesome tips that will help you get through your housework faster and easier.

1. How to clean the dirtiest things in the bathroom

That old bath curtain can look good as new if you rub all the dirty areas, yellow stains, and mold with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts. cool stuff, cool stuff

To clean toothbrushes and kill all the germs, soak them in vinegar for an hour. Then wash them thoroughly under running water. cool stuff, cool stuff

Soak any sponges you use regularly in the bathroom in equal parts hot water and vinegar for an hour. Then wash them well with clean water and dry.

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