20 Of Hollywood’s Ugliest Celebrities

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Pete Burns is known as the lead singer of Dead or Alive. He is notorious for undergoing plastic surgery countless times, with some people even calling it an addiction. It is safe to say that Pete Burns is basically unrecognizable from his younger days, considering how ever changing his looks are. He (maybe she?) was even found to have become bankrupt because he spent too much money on his surgeries. In fact, there was even news of him getting kicked out of his flat for failing to pay the rent.

This came as a shock considering that he won a hefty amount of money in an out-of-court settlement in 2009 due to a botched surgery of his lips. His lawyer at the time claimed that Pete Burns had suffered because of the failed surgery, and he was even suicidal because of how bad his lips look.


Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite labeled as “Cat Woman”, “The Lion Queen of New York” and “Bride of Wildenstein” (alluding to Bride of Chucky). Born to a middle class family in Switzerland, Jocelyn Wildenstein née Perisset came into money by marrying wealthy art dealer Alec N. Wildenstein. The couple got divorced after Jocelyn walked in on her husband sleeping with a 19 year old Russian girl in their bedroom. Out of that divorce, she was awarded $2 billion, and a million dollars per year for the next 13 years.

Wildenstein has had extensive surgery on her face to the point that she now looks like a caricature of a woman personifying a tiger or lion, except that she has extremely taut skin that is really lumpy at the same time.

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