20 Of Hollywood’s Ugliest Celebrities

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Fat and ill-tempered, with a face of a raging bulldog, Rosie O’Donnell is just all around nasty. We don’t know what she’s still doing in Hollywood. She’s obviously not pretty enough, nor is she smart enough to be intellectually relevant on The View and she’s not even nice enough for people to take pity on her. So what is it really about old Rosie and why does she have such great staying power?

Rosie O’Donnell is an American comedian, author, actress and TV personality. Who, aside from her acerbic style of comedy is better known for her outbursts, strong political opinions, and creating beef with other celebrities like Donald Trump or her co-hosts on The View. She once tried to turn her reputation around, at the prodding of her PR agency no doubt, by proclaiming herself as the “Queen of Nice”. Honestly, Rosie wouldn’t be so intolerable if she wasn’t so irritatingly aggressive.


James Newell Osterberg Jr. is more popularly known for his stage name, Iggy Pop. The nickname Iggy was given to him in high school and it just kinda stuck, so he decided to use it as his stage name as the vocalist of The Stooges.

Iggy Pop is known for his wild antics on stage. He is known to be one of the first few singers who actually attempted stage dives. He has also cut himself using broken bottles during a performance and is legendary for his rider prank.

An actual poll has ranked him as the number one most ugly celebrity.

However, most rock fans will not really pay this kind of information much attention since they think that rock is more about the person’s talent and the music, not about their looks. And when it is Iggy Pop we are talking about, he really has a lot of talent to make up for what he lacks in terms of looks.

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