6 Unexpected Habits That Ruin Our Lives Every Day

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It’s said that happiness is a vague term since everyone has their own ideas of what it is. But psychologists and neuroscientists don’t agree with that. They know what makes us satisfied and what makes us sad as human beings. Sometimes we feel awful because of everyday things and habits that we don’t even notice. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Justkooki.com has learned about what things we should avoid in our lives to be happy and created a list of harmful things that you’re recommended to stop doing right now.

6. We always sit.

Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle is an ordinary thing. In the evenings, we go home by car or by public transport and take a seat at home where we then watch TV or chat online with friends. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Without moving, the level of endorphins and other hormones responsible for happiness reduces. Everyday 30-minute walks or 2 workouts a week will make you more energetic and satisfied, no matter what happens in your life.

5. We spend all day indoors.

We all know that “working from home” doesn’t necessarily contribute to happiness. But it turns out that places like cinemas, restaurants, and other places we like to visit don’t always let us enjoy our lives either.

But if you spend some time outdoors in an unknown place, you’ll become happier and your self-esteem will improve. Psychologists call this method “adventure therapy.” And it’s worth noting that it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to a different country or to a neighboring village where you’ve never been, either way, you’ll become happier.

4. We don’t pay attention to things happening around us.

It’s really important to not just to pay attention to what we do but also how we do it. For example, let’s imagine 2 girls. One of them is angry because she has to clean her house: she’d rather be on a date in a fancy restaurant, but no one invited her. Another girl is just washing the dishes and she’s glad she has some time to herself to clean the house.

In the first case, the girl will feel exhausted and in the second case, the girl will feel more relaxed. Our ability to live in the here and now and never let our fears, regrets, and memories disturb us makes our lives more interesting.

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