Wasted Away: 11 Celebs With Outrageous Drunk Stories

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4. Drink It Up, Fuzz Ball

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford can thank The Rolling Stones for one wild night. Because of their shooting schedule, they had to choose between getting drunk with the band or waking up on time. The two were still intoxicated when they shot the Cloud City scenes in The Empire Strikes Back.

5. Can’t Feel My Face

Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd were both drunk at a party when they decided to work on a song together. Sheeran thought it was a complete joke until he picked up the phone the following day. Still in a drunken state, the two worked on the song “Dark Times.”

6. The King Of Horror

Stephen King has written a plethora of iconic material. While working on the 1981 novel Cujo, the author was completely drunk throughout the process. He has admitted to not even remembering writing the book at all.

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