Wasted Away: 11 Celebs With Outrageous Drunk Stories

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7. Last Night Was Complicated

Singer Nick Jonas decided to get a bit crazy while partying with Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Jay Z. The star decided to wear animal masks throughout the night.

8. Let’s Go Crazy

Emma Stone suffered a foot injury after stepping on a piece of glass. Instead of going to the hospital, she decided to drunkenly dance on stage with Prince instead.

9. Live From The Hallway

SNL cast member Aidy Bryant decided to go overboard during the season 42 wrap up party. The next morning, she found herself lying on the hallway floor near her apartment.

10.And The Oscar For Best Puke Goes To…

Jennifer Lawrence decided to have one too many at an Oscar after party and puked on herself. What’s even more embarrassing was that Miley Cyrus was behind her the whole time!

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